Top 10 Causes for Car Accidents in Canada

Despite the worlds’ many technology advances for vehicles in recent times – especially in regards to safety – over 1 million people die each year on the road worldwide. That number is also expected to grow nearly twicefold by the year 2020.

Top 10 Causes for Car Accidents in Canada

Here is a list of the top 10 causes of car crashes throughout the world:

  1. Distracted Drivers

Drivers worldwide always seem to be doing everything in their car – EXCEPT FOR DRIVING – from rubbernecking to checking the scenery to reading their phones to shaving on the way to work. The car was meant to take you from Point A to Point B and while it might save you time to put your makeup on in the car while you’re driving 65 KM/hour, it may not save your life.

  1. Driver Fatigue

Quite often, drivers will get into the driver seat too tired and exhausted to operate the vehicle. All too often people drive long distance in a daze or half-asleep, create a hazard for themselves  and others on the road. Avoid driving if you are tired at ALL costs or give yourself options while on the road. Share the drive with a friend, get a good night’s sleep, take breaks often and avoid drinking alcohol before a drive. Being tired isn’t a crime – driving while tired can be.

  1. Drunk Driving

Studies show that alcohol-in-vehicle deaths happen about every half hour. Simply put, if you have had a drink – DO NOT DRIVE. If you feel like you must, allow for time to pass until you get into your car. Alternatives are always available like taxis, designated drivers or public transportation. Put yourself and others at ease and make the right choice.

  1. Texting while driving

As smart phone technology gets smarter, drivers tend to get – well, dumber! Not only does the driver become distracted when he/she are looking at their phone, it takes their eyes off the road – even for a split second. That split second can make a difference – so put the phone away until you are fully parked and ready to move on your day.

  1. Speeding

The need for speed is prevalent amongst youngsters and car aficionados. This doesn’t mean that driving like a NASCAR driver on an interstate highway confirms your ability to drive. Speeding and reckless driving causes accidents – plain and simple. It causes other drivers to drive faster or swerve away from the vehicle and can be a real hazard when the driver doesn’t know how to drive.

  1. Weather

In the winter especially, drivers are prone to more accidents than any other time of the year. Rain, snow and wind can make for slippery and adverse road conditions and have caused many to swerve out of control during drive time. Being prepared during these conditions is important when getting on the road.

  1. Running Red Lights

When drivers thinking they can make the light before it goes “red”, this causes multiple crashes throughout the world. Know your limits on the road – this is why road lights are put in place. To police and monitor proper driving etiquette on our roads. Running a red light is not only dangerous it’s against the law!  Reviewing your drivers manual from time to time can help keep you sharp on the road!

  1. Teenage Driving

Historically, when teenagers get into a vehicle, there’s a certain moxy these fine young drivers exude while on the road. Yes, they are new to the driving world. Yes, it’s exciting. Yes, it can feel like you are on top of the world. But know that there are others on the road and you put them in danger when your driving turns reckless.

  1. Improper Turns

In a perfect world, everyone would drive at regular speeds, at regular intervals and in a timely fashion. Often there will be times where drivers feel they are above the law and make turns where they cannot, resulting into mass automobile confusion. Don’t be that guy!

  1. Construction Zones

Sometimes, the unknown can throw off the normal driver – especially in a construction zone. Lanes are shorter or narrower, pine cones are in place but can’t contain the swervy driver and large dirt-shoveling vehicles are in either direction causing drivers to be distracted. Best practice is to drive slowly and carefully through these zones so you arrive safely.

To be a good driver, it takes patience, smarts and awareness of your surroundings. Know that these 10 instances are the leading causes of crashes worldwide – following the laws… Be aware of your surroundings and your conditions and you will be just fine on the road!

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