Should I fix my car or get a new one?

Should I fix my car or get a new one?

At one point, you will ask: Should I fix my car or not?

There’s a time in the life of every car where you need to ask yourself: is it time to give up on this clunker and get a new car – or keep throwing more band- aids on a broken machine? It can be a tough call, given the history you have had with the car and the mileage you put on it. But it’s putting you in a financial black hole.

Perhaps you’ve taken your car to your local autobody shop for some touch ups or paint job or you sent the car to get its regular maintenance work done like a tune up or an oil change.

What is my car worth now?

Ah, the million-dollar question! When do you know when it’s time to say goodbye to your car? It probably comes at the time that you can’t go more than 2 weeks without repairing the old thing. Repairing and re-repairing costs add up when it comes to fixing your vehicle and you definitely don’t want to be caught when the engine finally blows and you end up in an accident.

At Plaza Portland Autobody Ltd, we tend to look at a few factors when you are making a big decision like buying or fixing your car. You need to ask: Does your car need aesthetic, body repairs or is the problem with your vehicle more mechanical? Let’s take a deeper look:

Body Repairs

So the car has a few nicks and bumps – these are merely cosmetic changes that your car might have. After a harsh winter or an off-roading trip, a good paint job on your car can be the best way to shine it up a bit! An autobody expert can know what condition your car is in to assess the outside damage and give you a proper estimate on how it can be fixed through all the dust, road salts and other debris.

Your car is your baby – but if it’s at the end of its rope and is ALSO dealing with heavy mechanical issues, a paint job is not going to fix the matter.

Which takes us to Mechanical Repairs

A good autobody shop can tell you if your car has enough legs to last a few years. They will tell you if just a good tune-up of your insides can spring it back to life. If it feels like your car is in major need of TLC – or is just rattling and jiggling beyond repair, maybe it’s time.

In the end, it’s best to assess your vehicle and have it professionally looked at to give you its proper value. If it’s worth fixing it and the car means that much to you – hold on for a few years and get it properly repaired. Otherwise, it’s time to make some new memories with a new car!

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