Keeping up with Cars, Technology and your Autobody Shop

car technology autobodyTechnology is evolving before our eyes! From changing the way we communicate through smart phones to drone-powered video cameras, to robots programmed for our commands. We live in a society of ever-changing technology and advancements! Our cars are no different – and despite not flying in cars as predicted in “Back to the Future” – automobiles have come a long way technologically.

How technology affects the way you drive

50 or 60 years ago, predictions were vast and ambitious about the auto industry and where cars will be in the 21st century. No, we’re not flying in cars yet, but we now have hands-free driving and park-assist, aluminum parts on vehicles, screens and computers that talk to us and all in name of making our driving and roads safer and easier.

Other inventions such as the hybrid vehicles have helped the environment through non-wasteful emissions as gas and oil prices fluctuate and sometimes even soar at a whim. Throughout Europe and pockets of North America, “plug-in” stations are available for vehicles that don’t require gas to run.

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While these advents have helped car drivers throughout the world and the automotive industry evolving and advancing, it’s important to understand that running on auto-pilot doesn’t mean the pilot can take a nap before he has to land the vessel.

Humans are still required!

Technology is and should be used to improve our driving experiences and provide a safe environment in the process. Plaza Portland Auto Body Ltd. is fully equipped to take on new advances in technology in the auto industry. Having an auto body shop, like Plaza Portland in your contact list can help you and your vehicle when repairs are needed as a result of being on auto-pilot and human or technological error occurs.

After all you’re still in the driver’s seat!

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