How Bad Weather Affects your Car’s Paint Job

It’s safe to say winter is here in some parts of the world and there are a few things we can do. Considering we get around 5 good months of cold weather –be it dipping into the sub-zero temperatures, raining or snowing it can make for pretty “hazardous” driving conditions.

Needless to say, this changing of the weather can take a toll on your vehicle regardless of its age, make, model and general condition. The paint job on your car will take a beating due to exterior elements, such as cold/heat climate changes and normal wear and tear from road conditions.

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To help facilitate the issue in protecting your vehicle over severe weather effects, you may want to think of rustproofing before the winter and repairing minor/major auto body damages as soon as possible. This may worsen over time and cost you more money when your ready to do it.

Using a warm, ventilated facility for auto painting:

Since the ideal temperature for automobile painting is around 21 Celsius, it’s important to have an auto body shop that can enable multiple temperatures throughout the year. A well-lit, well-ventilated and well-HEATED space to ensure that your vehicle gets the proper paint job done right.

A well-ventilated space allows for perfect humidity and elimination of dust particles on your brand new paint job. Most viable auto body shops will also be equipped with proper breathing masks and apparatus that comply with industry and environmental standards.

Removing Road Salts Before Auto Painting

Another important point to have in mind regarding your vehicle is to keep it as clean as possible all year round especially in winter weather when road conditions are particularly wet. Road salts can help your vehicle DRIVE, but the price your car pays from the effects of salt residue found almost anywhere on your car can be atrocious and costly. It’s best to use water-based salt remover as it ensures no salt residue is left behind.

Maintenance and care are in your hands!

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