Cars, Your Health and the Environment

Automobiles are always evolving – from a technological standpoint to health-protecting, earth-saving methods that will help our day to day lives.

However, climate change has its effects on our daily life. Vehicles have certainly contributed to our breathing air, the ozone and the atmosphere around us – through gas and emissions of many kinds. An astounding 30% of the global warming emissions are through vehicles.

Other major concerns regarding vehicles and the environment include electromagnetic waves that are emitted from electronic circuits in vehicles in addition to everyday electronic components surrounding us constantly.

Gas Emissions Enviroment Toronto

Freon for your car’s air conditioning also poses a threat to our ozone and the environment, and is forever being redeveloped and improved – so far with mediocre results.

Third world countries, due to a lack of funds, simply can not afford or have the wherewithal to form committees and have discussions around harmful car emissions in their countries until now, thus contributing to those countries’ death and illness. The Paris negotiations last month have thankfully helped all countries by collaborating and sharing a global urgency. The effects and initiatives are still to be had.

To help combat the growing emissions concerns and global warming-related issues, many solutions are already in place:

  • Fuel-efficient vehicles: when cars use less fuel, it has less of an effect on the environment, thus slowing global warming’s process
  • Cleaner fuels: because some of the cleaner fuels can burn up to 80% less fuel than regular gasoline, it can result in fewer emissions.
  • Electric cars: When cars use electricity coming from renewable sources, the vehicles produce zero emissions

So all in all, as a society, we are thankfully very aware of these issues and have come a long way from the gas-guzzling, emission hazardous Studebakers the last generation used to drive.

Manufacturers along with governments will continue to seek and develop newer and hopefully better methods in technological and emissions-based advances in order to save our planet!

Change ought to be for the better. Let’s get going now for our earth’s sake.

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