Child Safety in Cars

An Easy Guide to Child Safety in Cars

Child Safety in Cars should be taken very seriously At Plaza Portland Auto Body Ltd, we are always looking to better service our customers. What better and more important way to help our customers than provide service to your car with the safety and assurance your family needs. Child safety in cars of all makes and models have changed throughout… Read more →

Gas Emissions Enviroment Toronto

Cars, Your Health and the Environment

Automobiles are always evolving – from a technological standpoint to health-protecting, earth-saving methods that will help our day to day lives. However, climate change has its effects on our daily life. Vehicles have certainly contributed to our breathing air, the ozone and the atmosphere around us – through gas and emissions of many kinds. An astounding 30% of the global… Read more →

car technology autobody

Keeping up with Cars, Technology and your Autobody Shop

Technology is evolving before our eyes! From changing the way we communicate through smart phones to drone-powered video cameras, to robots programmed for our commands. We live in a society of ever-changing technology and advancements! Our cars are no different – and despite not flying in cars as predicted in “Back to the Future” – automobiles have come a long… Read more →

Accidents and Insurance Toronto

Insurance and Accidents: When to pay up or go through insurance

When it comes to insurance and accidents, drivers are always deciding whether to go through insurance or pay for it on their own. When it comes to collisions, your decision making may not be on point, so it’s important to consider everything before making that decision. Decisions, Decisions With insurance rates at its highest throughout the country, residents of Ontario… Read more →