An Easy Guide to Child Safety in Cars

Child Safety in Cars should be taken very seriously

Child Safety in CarsAt Plaza Portland Auto Body Ltd, we are always looking to better service our customers. What better and more important way to help our customers than provide service to your car with the safety and assurance your family needs. Child safety in cars of all makes and models have changed throughout the years, so it’s important to know what is acceptable when riding with your little ones.

  1. Big Kids Shouldn’t sit in the front
    While the older children might have outgrown the booster seat, sitting in the front is still off limits. Automobile accidents will most often affect the passengers in the front seat and having your child susceptible to that kind of impact can have lasting effects.
  2. Don’t settle on cheaper used car seats
    While it might save a buck or two, using a used car seat isn’t worth it at the risk of your children. Often times, used car seats will get frayed and the plastic will start to wear out over time. Most car seats have an expiration date for a reason and if they’ve been in a crash, the car seat can be banged up beyond repair. Check it before using it.
  3. Make sure all kids under 4’9” use booster seats
    A common misconception is that if a child is over a certain age, he/she doesn’t need to use car seats or booster seats. Be sure to have your child in a booster seat to prevent potential injury. Booster seats will help elevate your child and have their seat belts in the right places on their bodies.
  4. A child under two should be rear facing in your vehicle
    All vehicle and safety experts say children under the age of two should stay in rear-facing car seats or until they’re too big for the seat. Children of that age are less likely to be injured or die in accidents when they are facing the rear.

Other important item like making sure their safety belts are locked and are well-behaved and sitting for the ride are long-standing “rules” of the road for children.

These are just a few tips for child safety in cars – know what you need to do in order to keep your family safe while you drive!

To have your car seats properly fastened into the vehicle, Plaza Portland can help with all child safety issues to help keep your family safe!

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