A Professional Autobody’s Take on waxing your car – is it really necessary?

Is Waxing your Car absolutely necessary?

Waxing Car Toronto Autobody

Throughout the history of cars, waxing a vehicle has always given the car that extra shine. One would always start with a good paint job and throw on a layer of primer, put a few coats of your favorite color polish and away you go. Waxing gave it that extra buff, that shine that made your car stand out in the lot.

But does waxing really make a difference for your car?

Thirty years ago, car manufacturers would add layers of a sealant coat to overlay the paint to create that shine on the car. That clear coat would not only seal the paint but take on any outside wear and tear a car usually takes – bumps, scratches, salts, mud, rain, etc. A car tends to build up a full armor of road “battle scars” and that extra coat prevents those nicks and scratches from happening to the car’s surface.

But over time, the paint begins to corrode and that old shine looks a bit faded and not as glamorous as it once did. The siding of your car is also affected by the road salts and weather conditions around it. That paint underneath isn’t affected because of the outer layer, but the car will have a plain, dull look. If you are looking to sell the car or really want to show it off though, its recommended that the car get cleaned up and waxed for that top layer of protection and shine.

And nowadays, with technology booming in all facets of automobile maintenance, synthetic waxes have been produced to give it that shine for a longer time. For all those do-it-yourselfers, spray waxes have been created for ease of use and comfort. Thanks to upcoming technology in these waxes, we also don’t need to do it very frequently, ensuring longer-lasting car shines for years to come!

In the end, waxing your car is your preference! Feel free to wax as many times as you wish!

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