8 Ways to Prepare your Vehicle for the Winter

8 Ways to Prepare your vehicle for WinterWhile it’s been a mild winter, it’s important to make sure your car is ready for all that winter brings. Even though there hasn’t been a lot of snow this winter, we don’t want to forget about maintaining your car and its safety during the grueling winter months.

At Plaza Portland Auto Body Ltd., know that you can always rely on our auto body shop experts for good tips. Here is a convenient guide to help ensure your vehicle is ready for the ongoing winter season.

  1. Buy snow tires for the cold weather

When you are driving during the summer, any tire will do for your car. When the temperatures dip to under zero and there is snow and ice on the ground, tires lose traction and don’t react quickly enough to slippery conditions. Buying your car the best snow tires it needs ensures that your car has the best traction possible.

  1. Inspect your old tires

If buying new snow tires are not an option, at the very least check your current ones. With areas that see a lot of snow, your tires will be worn or damaged to treads. The treads and sidewall of your tires will most certainly take a beating in the winter weather and at the very least, inspect them first and when you can you should replace them as soon as possible.

  1. Ensure your battery is in good condition

Your battery requires more energy from your car during the winter months and often has a hard time starting or performing well. Making sure it’s in good working order can save you time outside trying to get your car to start in the freezing cold.

  1. Windshield wipers and fluids

Nothing is more important when you’re driving then seeing through the window of your car! Make sure your windshield wipers work and all fluids filled as to be prepared for all encounters through snow and rain. At best, replace and refill every winter.

  1. Antifreeze to Unfreeze

Ensure you have the correct antifreeze that should work at a -35 degree temperatures. This will avoid freezing in case of a severe cold snap.

  1. Have a first aid kit in your car

Getting stranded during a car failure period can be disastrous. Being stranded in the dead of winter can be downright dangerous. Always make sure you are stocked with water, flashlights, emergency flares, jumper cables, blankets and gloves if the going ever gets that tough.

  1. Top off your gas tank

If you keep your gas tank as full as possible, it will hinder your gas lines from freezing. If you ever get stranded, your engine will be your only source of heat. Most of all having a full tank of gas gets you to your destination!

  1. Brakes, rotors, pads and servicing your vehicle regularly.

When winter comes, it brings wet road conditions with it. If your brakes are not well equipped and your vehicle is not ready for the inclimate weather, it can lead to disastrous results.

Servicing your vehicle regularly and having it done on time is not only crucial to the regular maintenance of your car but more importantly it gives you peace of mind that you’re prepared, safe and winterized.

Gearing up for winter just makes sense!

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